Thunder Hoodie Token’s vision is to create a platform that gathers the most popular dapps in the same place. Our highest priority is creating a staking platform that offers one of the highest yields on the Binance network, which in turn will incentivize staking and contribute to the long-term success of Thunder Hoodie Token. After completing the staking platform, other popular dapps such as a Liquidity Locker and Launchpad will be added to the Thunder Hoodie Token ecosystem.

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Thunder Hoodie Token mission is to create an afforable token with a purpose to help Gen Z and Millennials invest properly. It will be a 9% tax on every transaction. 2% will go to Thunder Hoodie Fund (THF) , 3% will go to holders, 2% will go to liquidity pool and 2% will go to a wallet for burning and raffles. Thunder Hoodie Token will help prevent misunderstanding of crypto. The Stars will help protect. The Thunder Hoodie Token army is coming!!! Come join the alliance!!


Total Supply

500 Trillion

Contract Address







Locked liquidity

Token Name

Thunder Hoodie Token






Phase 1

Initial Develompment
Social media platforms launched
website release
Release on pancakeswap
Locked liquidity

Phase 2

Raffles & Airdrops
listing on coinmarketcap
listing on coingeko
launch NFT’s
1000 holders

Phase 3

Major marketing on social media
major inverstors
top 10 searched on coinmarketcap
top 10 searched on coingeko
More Airdrops

Phase 4

5000+ holders
contest giveaways
more raffles & rewards

How to Buy

1. Download Metamask or Trustwallet and create a wallet

2. Deposit BNB into your wallet

3. Go to Pancakswap

4. Select Currency and enter the Thunder Hoodie Token contract Address into the search filed.

Contract address: 0xA3818F83c48ebAe25D939DEd1476Cf9fc2803C50

5. Click the Gogwheel and set the slippage to 14%

6. Set the amount you want to purchase and press the exchange swap button

7. Confirm the transaction